"ELP seeks to empower the next generation of Pakistan's leaders."

Each year, ELP selects fifteen young leaders from Pakistan who embody Pakistan's ethnic, religious, and geographic diversity. The fellowship provides the opportunity to collaborate, address misperceptions, and glean best practices to foster creative ideas and lessons to apply in Pakistan. Learn More

Hoover Institute at Stanford University with former Secretary of State George Shultz —Emerging Leaders of Pakistan — Class of 2014

Youth of Pakistan –  Leaders of Tomorrow

March 2, 2016

Leaders are the custodians of the society, they are the guardians of the future. Leadership is an independent attribute which cannot be restricted. It can be found throughout the stratification of society, among all sorts of people, from different walks Read more ►

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Supporting Entrepreneurship and Tech Startups in Pakistan

February 29, 2016

As Pakistan enters 2016, it faces a multitude of challenges ranging from chronic poverty to terrorism and high unemployment to a large informal economy. However, if we look at the positive, Pakistan has undergone an information and communications technology revolution Read more ►


ELP Showcase in Islamabad

From February 12-14, 2016, the Emerging Leaders of Pakistan fellows convened in Islamabad, Pakistan. Fellows from the 2012-2015 classes travelled from across the country to participate In team building activities, networking sessions, and a public panel with the broader community. Read more ►


Saima Feroz

Empowering women in peace building through writing Read more ►

Kamran Bhatti

Kamran Bhatti

Building bridges of cooperation, acceptance, mutual respect, and human values for a genuinely peaceful Pakistan Read more ►

Jalila Haider

Jalila Haider

Defending the rights of victimized people in Pakistan without discrimination Read more ►


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