Application FAQs

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Please review the most frequently asked questions about the ELP application process. If you have any additional questions, please email

Is the application due on or before March 18th?
Applications will be accepted until March 18 at 11:59pm Pakistan local time.

How can I confirm my application has been received?
Once you click submit on the application form, you should receive an email confirmation that acknowledges receipt of your application. The Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center will email an additional confirmation when the review process begins. If any components of the application are missing, the application will not be considered.

If I use the online application form, do I need to submit my application by mail or email also?
No, if you submit the application online, you do not need to submit it via email.

Can I apply for the program despite having briefly traveled to Europe? Am I eligible to apply if I visited North America or Europe when I was a child?
No, unfortunately you are not eligible to apply.  Fellows cannot have any previous travel experience to North America or Europe. This is a core requirement and differentiator for this program, and helps us select individuals who have not had similar opportunities previously. Travel to North America or Europe disqualifies you from the program, regardless of the duration of the trip or time of travel.

Who will cover the expenses for the Fellows visit to the United States?
All costs related to airfare, accommodation, food, and transport during the US visit will be covered by the South Asia Center.

Who should I list as my recommeder?
A recommender will write your letter of recommendation, which needs to address at least the following questions:

  • How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
  • Why do you recommend this applicant to ELP?
  • Describe some of the applicant’s strongest professional skills that s/he will be able to showcase and teach to other Fellows.
  • In what ways do you think the applicant will contribute to ELP?

You should select someone  who know you well and can speak to your current leadership capabilities or potential for leadership. We suggest identifying two people who know you in different capacities so that they can address your different skill sets and abilities. We urge against listing family members.