ELP Fellows to Attend the World Youth Conference

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WCYThe Emerging Leaders of Pakistan is pleased to announce that 2012 Fellow Imran Khan and 2013 Fellow Iqra Rehman have been selected to attend the 2014 World Conference on Youth, scheduled for May 6-10, 2014. The conference is a global event focused on youth development throughout the world. This event will not only bring together young people from across the globe, but it will give government officials, UN representatives, and other stakeholders the opportunity to incorporate meaningful youth voices in the post-Millennium Development Goals agenda. This conference will ensure participation of young people in the development agenda, especially considering high-level officials and global leaders, including Ban Ki-Moon, plan to attend.

An invitation to the World Conference on Youth is quite prestigious. The organizers received more than 4000 application from different parts of the world and only select a few delegates from each country. Iqra was selected to participate in the ‘marginalized group,’ meaning she will have a platform to share her unique experience living in a marginalized society. Imran was selected as an international delegate, based on his broad global youth engagement experience, to help facilitate greater participation of youth on an international scale.

More information about the World Conference on Youth can be found here.

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