‘Ending Domestic Violence against Women’ Seminar Launched by IYA and DASTAK

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On Friday, May 17, Interfaith Youth in Action (IYA) and DASTAK, collaborated to host the first community awareness and sensitization program on the theme of “Ending Domestic Violence against Women.” The purposes of this seminar included:

  • Assessing the attitudes and views of community members towards violence against women, and assisting victims escape violence in the communities.
  • Creating awareness of existing mechanisms for accountability and prevention of violence against women, and mechanisms created for facilitating access to justice.

Forty-eight women domestic workers, who previously attended the women adult education course organized by IYA, participated in this seminar, and were coached to organize more rights-based programs for their betterment and development in the future.

DASTAK operates a shelter for women in crisis, providing protection and support for women survivors of violence and those at risk of violence. IYA serves as a network of diverse youth to promote pluralism and mutual respect for religious diversity and bridge building among youth of different faiths. IYA and DASTAK came together through the Emerging Leaders of Pakistan Fellows’ network. 2012 Fellow Shahid Rehmat leads IYA, and Saba Shaikh serves as the director of advocacy and networking.

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