Fellow Arsalan Kashfi Joins Atlas Corps’ Class 18

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Arsalan KashifiThe Emerging Leaders of Pakistan would like to congratulate 2012 Fellow Arsalan Kashfi on his selection as an Atlas Corps Class 18 Fellow. Arsalan will spend 12-months with the Disaster Accountability Project (DAP) in Washington, DC. He will help DAP build relationships with civil society organizations and NGOs in the US and globally, train representatives of CSOs and NGOs to complete SmartResponse surveys, manage aspects of SmartResponse program and development, and assist with outreach efforts to “disaster donors,” the media, student groups, and diaspora networks (via Atlas Corps). 

Atlas Corps seeks to address critical social issues, develop leaders, strengthen organizations, and promote innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled professionals. Atlas Corp selects a group of rising leaders from various countries, who are matched with relevant nonprofit organizations in the United States. Fellows volunteer at outstanding organizations addressing social issues and are enrolled in an ongoing training program. After 12 or 18 months, they return to their countries to work for at least one year (and usually their entire career) back in the nonprofit sector, sharing new skills, best practices, valuable experiences and a global network of changemakers (via Atlas Corps).


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