Fellow Muhammad Sabir joins Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

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The Emerging Leaders of Pakistan would like to congratulate 2012 ELP Fellow Muhammad Sabir in his new role with Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).  Managing the HRCP’s Election Desk, Sabir is observing each political party’s campaign in the run up to the May 2013 elections, while coordinating a team to monitor each polling district throughout the nation on Election Day.

The HRCP has established a leading role in providing a highly informed and objective voice on a national level in the struggle for the provision of human rights for all and democratic development in Pakistan. The Election Desk seeks to ensure a free and fair democratic election, and the right for every voter to safely and fairly cast their vote.

This work follows Sabir’s trajectory in promoting and protecting basic human rights in his community. During the Fellows’ three-week US trip, the group witnessed the historic 2012 US Elections, visiting voting booths in Maryland and watching as votes were counted to reelect US President Barack Obama.

We are thrilled that the ELP Fellowship guided Sabir’s developing career and growing impact as a rights activist.  We wish him boundless success in his new position, and in his efforts to protect human rights and democratic development in Pakistan.

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