Fellow Muhammad Sabir’s Life Story Featured

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The Emerging Leaders of Pakistan is pleased to share Pakistan Calling‘s feature on 2012 Muhammad Sabir, in a video entitled, “Pakistan’s Caste System – The untouchable’s struggle.”

Sabir, born a Deendar Changar, has faced a life-long struggle against an often ignored but deep-seated caste system in Pakistan. Challenging prejudice and poverty, Sabir committed his life to attaining higher education and delved into literature from around the world, which has lit and inspired his path. The Emerging Leaders of Pakistan selected Sabir for the highly competitive fellowship in 2012, after recognizing his unique upbringing, passion for empowering individuals facing similar adversity, and deep commitment to bettering his community. Read more about Sabir’s trajectory in his blog: A Slumdog in a New World.

Sabir also had the opportunity to present at a highly regarded TEDxIIUI Conference. Sabir  shared his life story under the conference theme, “Reconstruct Yourself.” Though the video is yet to be released by TEDxIIUI, speaker profiles are available here.

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