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Ali Haider


Ali Haider is the Editor-in-Chief of Humans of Pakistan, a blog presenting a realistic and positive image of Pakistan through individual stories. Following the footsteps of Humans of New York, an online catalogue of New York City’s inhabitants, Ali launched Humans of Pakistan in 2014 and has since gained a massive national and international following. Currently one of the most active Facebook pages in Pakistan, the blog bridges the gap between Pakistan and other countries by shedding barriers created by national borders or prejudices, and promoting peace and tolerance. Ali has interviewed more than 2000 people across Pakistan, featuring numerous stories on the blog. He believes that around every corner is a story waiting to be told and people who are longing to hear it. Ali considers it his responsibility to document and share powerful stories through his lens because the stories of Pakistan’s ordinary people have the power to change perceptions, clear misconceptions, and impact the lives of individuals worldwide.

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