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Anam Bhatti


Anam Bhatti is the Co-Founder of Deeda and Chief Operating Officer of Design Pakistan, a social enterprise and project of Deeda that uses sustainable design intervention to bring about positive change in Pakistan. At Design Pakistan, Anam initiates and executes innovative social welfare projects using visual and performing arts, social design, and interactive experiences to spur social change. She graduated from the National College of Arts in Lahore where she headed the blood bank society, driving her passion for community organizing. As a social entrepreneur, visual artist, and community leader, Anam aims to craft human-centered design solutions for the development sector to improve the social, political, and economic condition of Pakistan. Whether in a metropolitan city like Karachi or a small hill station like Abbottabad, Anam knows the socioeconomic challenges faced by big and small cities alike. She hopes to build upon her passion for art, design, and entrepreneurship and grow her leadership skills to provide social impact solutions for her country.

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