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Anza Saqib


Anza Saqib is promoting a positive image of Pakistan through art and technology. Anza, a lawyer by training, joined Pursukoon Karachi to tackle the negative image of Karachi that has unfolded in recent years. Rather than highlighting terrorism, street crime, or political unrest, Pursukoon seeks to revive the peaceful, progressive, and positive image of Karachi’s culture by engaging citizens to reclaim its ownership through art, architecture, theatre, literature, lectures and more. Pursukoon also works to find creative methods to engage youth and counter extremism. Anza has helped organize art exhibitions and city beautification projects to engage youth, and has also organized drives to provide art supplies to schools. As the social media coordinator for Pursukoon, Anza is constantly working at the intersection of art and technology to develop new ways to promote inclusion and counter violent ideologies. In the future, Anza would like to expand her work on countering violent extremism beyond Karachi to other parts of Pakistan.

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