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Fatima Rizwan


Fatima Rizwan identifies and promotes practical solutions for challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Pakistan through her premier technology platform, TechJuice. Previously gainfully employed at a software development firm, Fatima followed her passion and dedicated her efforts full time to take TechJuice forward. Under Fatima’s leadership, the team today consists of  individuals based across Pakistan who are working to bring forward new ideas in the tech space. The online platform showcases news relating to start-ups, entrepreneurship, education, and technology in Pakistan, and has become a resource hub for Pakistanis to learn and find opportunities in the field. TechJuice truly intends to be more than just a digital medium. Through collaborative community events, Fatima and her team have connected emerging and established entrepreneurs to share best practices and learn from one another. Fatima strives to make TechJuice the epicenter of everything tech in the country and plans of expand the company over the next few years.

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