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Haris Badar


Haris Badar is an emerging social activist and social entrepreneur from Swat Valley. He founded Pakhtun Wardrobe, a platform that connects disaster-affected artisans with national and international markets to stimulate their economic development and encourage the revitalization of their craft. The network also connects artisans to each other, resulting in knowledge sharing, teamwork, and dispute resolution for a community deeply affected by conflict. Haris recognized his inclination for social entrepreneurship in his early teens when he contributed to the rehabilitation of his hometown, following the 2009 military intervention to eradicate extremist elements. In 2011, he joined Swat Youth Front as volunteer and started serving as program officer at same organization in 2013. He is among the 500 Global Youth Ambassadors, from across the globe, working with A World at School [UK]. He also serves as a coordinator for the Malakand Chapter of Khudi Pakistan since June 2014. Through his diverse work, Haris is striving to connect communities, create political and economic inclusion, and support the peace and development of his region.

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