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Hussain Haider


Husain is a youth activist who took a stand for basic education and human rights for all from an early age. In seventh grade, Hussain survived a suicide bomb attack. After learning the attacker was nearly the same age as him, he begin to think about the boy’s life and what led to a trajectory so unlike his own. Hussain concluded that lack of education was the culprit–and he decided to take action. Hussain founded a street theater to spread awareness in his community, and was soon after recognized for his work by then-Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. Next, he founded Beydaar Society, an organization raising a voice for basic human rights, freedom of speech, and quality education for all. What began as a student society grew into a formalized youth-led NGO with offices in Islamabad and Lahore. To date, Beydaar has directly or indirectly trained over one thousand youth advocates across Pakistan. Hussain further expanded his work to a global level by co-founding Echo Change, a project promoting sustainable development. Echo Change has chapters in seven countries, with team members from fifteen countries. The organization conducts trainings in several countries and supports international campaigns. Most recently, the United Nation’s Education First Initiative invited Echo Change to serve as an international partner in their global campaign: #DrawDisability. Hussain hopes to reach as many youth as possible and open the door of possibilities for them.

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