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Iqra Rehman


Iqra comes from Mianwali, where she founded the Mianwali Institute of Language and Learning. She teaches English language skills to girls from rural areas and counsels them to realize their abilities and to better utilize available resources. Iqra is currently based in Islamabad, pursuing her bachelors in English language and literature. Coming from a tribal culture where she does not agree with all the customs and does not practice all of them, Iqra encountered criticism but expressed her disagreements through creative writing. She finds solace in writing poetry and published her English poetry collection “Reflections” in 2010, which was later assigned as required reading for graduate students at New York University. She was selected to attend the 2014 World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka, where she participated in the sessions on Globalization and Human Rights’. She plans to start her career as a professor and writer, in addition to expanding her social work and continuing to inspire young girls.

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