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Khalid Khawaja Mushtaq


Khalid is the Chief Executive Officer of Tourplanner.pk, a start-up enterprise aiming to turn Pakistan-Held  Kashmir into a coveted tourist destination, with the goal of boosting the local economy while showcasing the beauty of Kashmir. Tourplanner.pk works closely with local community members to establish marketable lodging and services, and then links them to consumers from across Pakistan and beyond through an online portal. The website currently hosts 150 vendors and receives over 100,000 monthly views in Pakistan—with Khalid constantly working to expand its impact in the community. At the onset, Khalid sought to use tourism as a tool for poverty alleviation, and now has seen local incomes rise exponentially due to these efforts. Hailing from Muzaffarabad, Khalid continues to expand this initiative further and to continue portraying a positive image of his country.

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