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Muhammad Sabir

Muhammad Sabir


Muhammad Sabir is the founder of Slumabad, an organization that seeks to save lives by promoting safe sanitation practices and introduces toilets in slum communities. It also enables slum children to experience the joy of reading by sending kids to school. Previously, he worked with Khudi Pakistan, Door of Awareness, and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Since his nomadic childhood in the slums, Muhammad struggled to educate himself and his siblings, washing cars in markets, selling newspapers, and picking up garbage to pay the school fees. It was his passion for reading that kept him and his dreams alive. Reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens was a defining moment of his life. Having worked as a child laborer himself, Muhammad is motivated to improve the slums and the quality of life for children there by installing toilets and sending children to school: a child with a school bag means a world of difference for the slums. He was featured in an Express Tribune article about his work: Pakistan’s Caste System: The Untouchable’s Struggle.

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