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headshot Najwat Rehman

Najwat Rehman


Najwat is a design entrepreneur who graduated from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi.  Paving a largely untraveled path, he founded and launched Pakistan’s first design magazine, The Desi Design.  Apart from promoting and critiquing various aspects of creative work emanating from Pakistan, the publication’s broader objective is to encourage readers to appreciate design, beyond its aesthetics, as a way to solve problems.  One of the landmark projects Najwat worked on was A New Way to Vote, a proposition for a modern, foolproof electoral system, designed during Pakistan’s landmark general elections of 2013 which provoked allegations of corruption.   A tireless entrepreneur, Najwat is spearheading several other design and technology projects; one is a social venture that addresses civilian security and another focuses on celebrating Pakistan’s indigenous visual heritage.  Najwat is a creative changemaker who realized his true calling and harnessed it to produce positive change in the lives of others.  He believes that access to technology, knowledge, and communication, combined with brilliant ideas and commitment from the general public, can change his country for the better.

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