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Obaid ul Mohsin


Obaid ul Mohsin is a multimedia artist with expertise ranging from comics, animation, television commercials, games, motion graphics, E-Learning, and website production. He is currently a senior creative designer at Creative Frontiers, where he works with a team on the critically acclaimed comic book series Paasban – The Guardian. Published in Urdu and English, Paasban – The Guardian is a comic book series that tackles the topic of extremism. The series depicts real-world events that lead to radicalization within an individual. Paasban creates a narrative compelling readers to think critically about the underlying ideology feeding radicalization and to bring about change by understanding cultural and moral roots. Obaid has lead the project from animation, design, lettering and layout, to website and mobile design. Obaid left a multinational firm to work with Creative Frontiers after the December 2014 Army School Attack in Peshawar. The attack compelled him to work for Pakistan’s youth, and to save a generation of young minds from following extremists’ narratives. Recognizing Pakistan’s literacy and education rate, he seeks to utilize art and design to create captivating yet clear messages for at-risk populations.

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