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Rizwan Shoukat


Rizwan passionately promotes religious tolerance in Pakistan. Residing in Shantinagar, a renowned Christian village, Rizwan launched an Interfaith Harmony and Peace campaign after multiple incidents of religious violence occurred in his community. Using Puppet Theater, he educates villages about the consequences of religious intolerance and violence. He strongly believes that without social harmony and religious tolerance, Pakistan cannot prosper. He leads the Center for Human Rights Education’s movement for peaceful co-existence in the Khanewal district and heads the Laureate Foundation’s youth programs, where he promotes capacity building and community volunteerism. Rizwan is also a member of Youth Parliament Pakistan and has been selected to contribute to the United Nations Development Programme’s National Human Development report. Despite being surrounded by elements of fundamentalism, extremism, discrimination and violence, Rizwan ultimately hopes to build a peaceful and sustainable society based on equality, religious tolerance, and respect of diversity.

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