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Samreen Shahbaz


Samreen Shahbaz is a Lahore-based activist serving as National Coordinator Communications Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) at Shirkat Gah Women’s Resource Center where prior to this she has served as National Coordinator Advocacy & Communications. Previously, she was a Project Manager of the Schools and Colleges Outreach Program at Citizens Archive of Pakistan. Samreen is also on the Board of Directors of Naz Male Health Alliance, a local NGO working for the sexual health of MSM and the Trans community in Punjab and Sindh.

Several years ago, she and her friends, through their concern about the radicalization of the middle class, started using social media to reach to these communities and to promote alternative, progressive discourses about various social, religious and political issues. Samreen takes a keen interest in use of social media as an effective tool for activism and for building mass movements that could foster social change.

More recently, Samreen has been selected to attend the Incubator under Youth Champions Initiative of Public Health Institute, California and Packard Foundation.”

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