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Shahraiz A. Malik


Shahraiz A. Malik is working towards eradicating extremism, gender discrimination, and sectarian violence. He is the cofounder of the Nadir Foundation, a nonprofit organization that established the Nadir Girls Higher Secondary School in Pachnand. The school provides state of the art educational facilities in science and technology to girls in his village. The school currently enrolls 350 students, 80% of whom are on need-based scholarships, but Shahraiz wishes to enroll every single girl whose parents find it even slightly difficult to send their daughter to school in his village. A businessman by profession, Shahraiz is also the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Young Entrepreneurs at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he introduces students from Rawalpindi’s universities to entrepreneurial mindsets and emerging startups. Shahraiz hopes that future generations to come will witness an educationally-revolutionized Pakistan free of extremism and terrorism.

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