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Sheran Khan


Raised in Khanozai, Balochistan, Sheran Khan developed a deep passion for working for the community. After attending secondary school in Quetta and then studying education and psychology at Forman Christian College in Lahore, Sheran began working in the non-governmental sector. Sheran felt compelled to work to restore peace and harmony after recognizing the changes that occurred after 9/11 in his region. Sheran started the Global Youth Network for Education and Peace to connect young people from various countries. Currently, the initiative is working with youth from nine countries, including: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Botswana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Vietnam, Tanzania, and the Philippines. The initiative conducts trainings for youth on advocacy, active citizenship, and counterextremism. Returning to Balochistan, Sheran has spearheaded outreach to religious institutions on similar topics, and aims to connect with academic institutions to expand this work.

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