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Syed Azhar Shah


Azhar is an entrepreneur from Mardan whose mission is to connect civil society organizations with technology and communications platforms necessary to accomplish their goals. Azhar believes in the power of technology to address the humanitarian crises afflicting his country. He is the Co-Founder of TeleMutants, a technology company, and Co-Founder and Chief Architect of TeleConvex, a two-way communications platform. Some of Azhar’s work has already received international acclaim. The Humanitarian Accountability Partnership highlighted his Complaints & Response Mechanism for a humanitarian operation, which he launched during the 2011 flood relief operations.  Azhar has since designed more systems to coordinate civil society efforts in Pakistan’s problem areas, including: a crowdsourced feedback system for the conflict-stricken populace of Khyber Pashtunkwa province and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas; and a mobile engagement system for Tribal journalists. Azhar’s goal is to improve the service delivery of Pakistan’s governance and social sector through harnessing the power of information and communication technology.

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