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Usman Khan


Usman Khan is the founder of Emperor’s Bazaar, a business venture with the sole goal of reviving Pakistan’s crafts sector, Usman hails from Peshawar and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. Sensing a void between the tech sector and development of his province, Usman launched an interactive media studio called Sweet Pixel Studios. Utilizing lessons from his previous ventures, Usman was then driven to solve an increasingly important problem faced by the local community with Emperor’s Bazaar. The Bazaar aims to provide artisans, craftsmen, and women from all provinces across Pakistan with an online platform to share their work and its story with the global community. Usman believes Pakistan is endowed with a great treasure of skilled laborers, and travels the country to meet artisans and understand their concerns and business shortcomings. Convinced that consumers will be inspired by the profound stories behind Pakistan’s artisans and their products, Usman hopes that Emperor’s Bazaar will magnify their goods, sustain their craft, and improve their livelihood.

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