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Zahra Ali


Zahra Ali is a clinical psychologist and social scientist keen on dispelling the stigma around mental illness throughout her community. Zahra has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and teaches psychology to undergraduate students at the Aga Khan University‘s School of Nursing and the University of Karachi. Apart from her role as an educator, Zahra runs free clinics housed in the community centers, where she and her team provide free psychological screenings, counseling, and referral services. Zahra’s passion for mental health awareness stems from her studies on rising suicides in Pakistan. She builds community awareness through public events, awareness seminars, and workshops aimed at highlighting social and psychological issues within the community, such as gender inequality, sexuality, parenting, mental illness, family, and marital issues. Zahra aspires to expand accessible community mental health clinic services throughout Pakistan, especially to vulnerable populations such as adolescents and victims of trauma, religious intolerance, and gender inequality.

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