Pakistan – It will be.

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It’s a warm scorching sunny Friday before the final Election Day in Pakistan. A day that will certainly make and in the same time will break our history of democracy tossing between dictatorship and unstable governments. For the first time ever in 65 years of Pakistan an elected government will be replaced by an elected government.

We are hopeful that this election will be a determinant of our fate. It’s not the despair which is killing us as Pakistan is a nation of problems. With our strong determination and perseverance we can fight any problem that comes our way. Or maybe we know that we already have enough problems that there is no space for more. Thus in this case it’s the hope which will crush us, a hope for better future, a hope for better tomorrow, a hope for better society, a hope for better opportunities and finally hope for education.

Here as I am excited for the future as no one knows what future will reveal, there is a darker side of me which is telling me what will happen if everything does not go well? Even everything goes well but do not bring the desired or expected results. I wonder how my nation will react to their broken heart. Whether they will accept it as another challenge or will lose their only ‘hope’.

But one thing I am positive about is the level of activism in my country about elections. People are ‘hopeful’. Genuine and generous to support whatever party they think is favorable for a better future. They are working for what they believe and even they support different parties their goal is one.

The major observation which is in favor of Pakistan is to this date people are calm and no act of violence has been observed. All the processions went with complete security without a fear of terrorism. But this tolerance will be tested tomorrow on polling centers.

The scorching sunny day has turned into a windy dust storm just like the Pakistani Politics. Similarly this is our current situation we are certain before the Election Day about our future but after the polling day it’s all blur and obscure. Tomorrow whatever it will be It will be. But present is our moment of hope and faith and that’s what I am observing in this McDonalds café that people are cherishing the present with the dreams of better future.

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About Esha Iqbal

An avid rock climber from the region of Azad Kashmir, Esha was the first girl in her family to get admission at one of the preeminent universities in Pakistan, the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, where she is pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration. When not studying and not climbing, Esha works with Pakistan Relief, at their Resource Center, where she teaches basic computer skills to the children of underprivileged communities in Islamabad. She spent this past summer in the Guraize Valley, in the northern areas of the Neelum Valley, where she educated children and women.
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